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Yes! We organize 3-4 activities every week so students can make the most of their time while they learn Spanish in Lima. Activities are free to join, and students only need to pay for their own expenses.

We offer cooking classes, cocktail classes, salsa clases, tours, excursions, theater visits, etc.

Are there any

school activities ?

Activities are free to join, and students only need to pay for their own expenses.

Example 1: If a visit to historic Lima is organized, students pay for their own museum tickets, their food (if a dinner is organized afterwards), and their bus ticket to get there.

Example 2: If a cooking class is organized, students only pay for the cooking ingredients to prepare a full meal. (normally around US$10)
Other activities such as Salsa dancing classes and cinema nights are completely free.

How much

do activities cost?

Yes! We usually arrange full day excursions to visit places such as: the natural reserve of Paracas, the sand dunes of Huacachina, the valley of Lunuahuana,and others.  They are normally arranged to take place on Saturdays and they are offered at very affordable rates (they are carried out by our partner tour agencies that offer exclusive discounted rates to our students (you can save up to 40-60% versus doing the same trip on your own).

Are there any

excursions ?

Of course! Students can always bring their friends to our activities and excursions! However, please keep in mind that just as our students, they need to pay for their own expenses.

Can I bring my

friends ?

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