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Renting a room from one of our shared apartments partners

It is important that you read and understand the following terms and conditions so you will be able to fully enjoy the time you will share with your roommates.

Your host will provide each roommate with:

  1. A private, well illuminated and ventilated room

  2. Access to a shared bathroom (or private bathroom, as the case may be)

  3. Access to a equipped kitchen with stove, microwave, refrigerator, kitchen utensils, and kitchen appliances

  4. Access to a living room

  5. Access to a dining room which can also be used as a place for studying or doing homework

  6. A house key 


Accepted Payment Methods:

All payments are done directly with the apartment owner (who normally lives in the same apartment). In order to make our rates more affordable for everyone, the apartment owner will accept cash as the only method of payment. If you know you will not be able to pay in cash, wire transfers are sometimes available as an alternative way to make payments to your host. Rates should be the same as those publicized on the Peruwayna website.


Check-in & Check-out:
On request and upon availability, we will try to make special arrangements for your arrival and/or departure to/from our shared apartments. In such cases, please indicate your check in time on our registration form or by sending an email to


Utilities & Bills:

All the apartment bills such as electricity, internet, cable, telephone, water, gas, building security, building maintenance, and municipality fees will be paid by the host. 



All roommates agree to follow reasonable standards of cleanliness in maintaining the private and common areas of the premises. All roommates agree to clean up after themselves when cooking, baking, or otherwise using the kitchen. All roommates agree they will not leave dirty dishes, unwashed pots and pans, glasses, silverware, utensils, etc., on the kitchen counters or in the sink. All roommates agree they will leave any shared bathtub, shower, bathroom sink, toilet, and floor clean after their personal use.


All roommates understand that smoking and inhalation of second hand smoke are serious threats to health and safety, which may give rise to claims of liability for personal injury and may aggravate medical conditions of any roommate. Accordingly, all roommates agree that smoking inside the apartment is not allowed at any time.


General Courtesy:
Each roommate shall be reasonable and professional in his or her dealings with the other roommates and refrain from any behavior, action, or inaction that he or she knows or has reason to believe will significantly interfere with another roommate’s enjoyment of the tenancy.  Each roommate agrees to negotiate in good faith, should the need arise. Each roommate shall respect the other roommates’ privacy, sleep schedules, and reasonable requests.



Any roommate who causes damage to the furniture, the property, or to the personal property of any roommate will be responsible for that damage. Damage caused by guests or invitees of any roommate will be attributed to that roommate. Any damage that cannot be traced to any particular roommate with reasonable certainty will be paid equally by all roommates living in the apartment at the time.


Legal Responsibilities:

Roommates shall not commit any crime on the premises that either interferes with the rights of another roommate (including, but not limited to, larceny, damage to property, assault, battery, fraud, invasion of privacy, harassment, and stalking), involves inherently dangerous activities, violent acts, or weapon violations, or jeopardizes the continued right of the other roommates to occupy the premises. 

Any roommate is responsable for their own actions and in any situation, he or she will remain subject to existing Peruvian laws.  


Guests & Visitors:

Due to security concerns, apartment owners do not allow students to invite guests (non-students) to stay overnight in their shared apartments.

Students will be able to have guests over only during visiting hours (daily from 10am to 9pm). As a courtesy gesture to others, you should also let know your roommates and apartment owner if you will invite someone over during regular visiting hours.

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